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Originally from London, I moved to Poland to absorb as much of the culture as humanly posssible. Maybe the biggest influence on me has been the food and I credit my adopted babcia, (Polish for grandmother) Ania, with much of the information here. I lived in Zielona Gora and Szklarska Poreba which are in the west and south-west of Poland respectively.
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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Polish food photos

A big thank you to Link Robertson for these wonderful images of some of his experiences in Poland. Link is an American planning to settle in Poland and teach in Warsaw.
Currently his favourite dishes are zurek and placky z gulasz. However if Link is like me my favourite dish changed depending on what I tried that day.

Pierogi ruskie with cubes of fried bacon. The name of this has caused so much controversy as can be seen by my article on them.
Zywiec (soft g, gi-vee-itz) is probably the most famous beer (for foreigners) as it has advertising and marketing on everything (I thought carlseberg was bad in London). But it is not the most flavoursome or strongest and did not see it being popular amongst the natives. My personal favourite is Warka strong and as the name implies...blows your head off! 8 percent sweet nectar in a gold can. (I do not work for their PR department by the way).
Link took this is Zakopane which is on the southern border, in the Tatra mountains. The town itself is the highest in Poland and is known for its skiing and mountaineering.
The stall looks like it is selling sausages but it is actually hard cheese called Oscypek. It originated in Zakopane and can be smoked or unsmoked and is salty. I suppose it was a good way to preserve cheese for the mountain folk but it can be found all over Poland now. Personally I did not like it but I hear it is good with a barbeque or cranberry sauce. I do like the vast array of shapes and sizes though.

This looks amazing. I do not know what it is yet but will update when I find out.

That is what I like to see, meat dominating the plate.

These look like rollmops (pickled herring). I had them at a wedding once...preferred the vodka.

This looks amazing and again am unsure what it is. I must say they do look like raw beefburgers but am very eager to find out what this is. Excellent spread of various spirits around the plate.


Mish Mash said...

yup, u got that right - raw!
Steak Tartare or "tatar", as we say :)
Very good. Do try ( mix it up with all the condiments first)

Moggy said...

It all looks amazing to me, but, I'd like my burger medium well please.

The salty cheese sounds wonderful to me.

jw connolly said...

Thanks for the comments.
I'm intrigued by this dish now..raw? wow.
LOL, I'm inclined to think the same moggy.

Moggy said...

Well, they eat it raw in France and they even put a raw egg in the middle of it and mix it up. Blek! I think the slimy texture alone would be enough to send me rushing for a barf bag.

Anonymous said...

This is next to pierogi- the best food on the planet. It is called tatar. Raw minced beef -top quality- with delicious spicesall mixed together.
My daughter's favourite Polish food-even though she is born in Sydney and lives in sydney :)

faisal said...

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lisiczka_bez_kitki said...

Yes, TATAR (last photo) is raw (!) meat. You are also supposed to eat it with RAW egg!

Below oscypek is KAPUSNIAK - sauerkraut soup.

Potato pancake on the tomato and pepper stew is sort of a Hungarian style dish sometimes known as 'devil's potato pancake', very spicy.

It's nice to see Polish food experienced by foreigner :)

Well done!

Aleksandra said...

I love your blog. Is always nice to hear that someone likes my country cuisine :).
I wanted to answer your questions, but already Lisiczka did it.
Personally...I hate tatar! How you can eat raw meat.
You need to try soup from...duck blood, called "Czernina".

Antoinette said...

Such a fantastic blog and inspiring story! I absolutely adore Polish food.


Anonymous said...

polish food is graete

Anonymous said...

Kapusniak or kwasnica- typical food from Zakopane

jen said...

Its called bismark, most likely cured with a salt... delish!

jen said...

Aleksandra, the duck blood soup is my favorite polish christmas food... my grandmother makes her own kluski noodles.. so good

Brand adam said...

Your blog about Polish food is really interesting and this food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I like Polish food very much and i have tried many Polish recipes which i got from youtube and many other website.