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Originally from London, I moved to Poland to absorb as much of the culture as humanly posssible. Maybe the biggest influence on me has been the food and I credit my adopted babcia, (Polish for grandmother) Ania, with much of the information here. I lived in Zielona Gora and Szklarska Poreba which are in the west and south-west of Poland respectively.
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Monday, 16 July 2007

Kotlet Schabowy (Pork cutlets in breadcrumbs)

Kotlet Schabowy is a delicious traditional meal for obiad (Polish dinner in early afternoon) and extremely easy to make. Check out An Englishman in Poland with the section on food.


Here is a simple method that Babcia (grandmother) Ania uses:

1. Get some quality lean pork, clean and tenderise with mallet until about 1/2 cm thick and as wide as you want.

2. Add sprinkle of salt and pepper according to how much you like. A lot of pepper is not needed.

3. Use raw mixed egg whites/yolks to dip meat in.

4. Next dip meat mixture of breadcrumbs and spice mix like in photo below

'Jarzynka' przyprawa do mies from Winiary is a lovely seasoning for meat available from your local Polski sklep (Polish shop). This will make the kotlet a bit hotter but you do not have to include it, just use plain breadcrumbs. If you do then mix in ratio 5:1 with breadcrumbs, usually about a teaspoon but experiment.

5. Fry in olive oil (Mediterranean but healthier) until golden brown.

Serve with boiled ziemnaki (potatoes) and raw pickled kapusta (cabbage) or eat cold next day on kanapka.


straszny gałgan said...

aleś się człowieku postarał XD
miałeś/aś pomysła

Izzy said...

If you don't have access to a commercial mix (I don't living in Tasmania, Australia), do what my Polish grandmother use to do:

Prepare meat as described in the blog.

Then take some fine grade breadcrumbs (dried bread minced, it is faster in a machine). Add to it a liberal amount of salt, pepper and caraway seeds. Caraway is an important flavour when cooking with pork, and is a must when doing bigos too. :-)

Then dip the meat in flour, egg, and breadcrumb. You can pack a lot of crumbs onto the meat at this stage. Let this dry for about half an hour on a rack or even a large plate (single layer). You can repeat another layer if you wish, but don't need to add an extra drying time.

Fry till mid golden brown. Then place it in a slow oven (I put it onto oven sheet not to add more oil) for about half an hour. This not only allows you too keep a large batch warm but makes the meat very tender to eat. :-)